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The Somaiya School
Education is the soul of our society while growth comes with quality education! One such Founder who believed in this ideology was Padmabhushan Late Shri. K.J. Somaiya.
The Somaiya School is the youngest institution on Vidyavihar Campus in Mumbai moulded by the late founder to provide stress-free education to all its students.
Education is The power to think… The power to learn new things… And The power to achieve your goals…
The Somaiya School?
10 reasons to join the somaiya school
The Curriculum
Curriculum at The Somaiya School is an amalgamation of all the best practices in Early Childhood Education. Learning experiences are tailored to differentiate among the individual needs of children in the classroom, based on different learning styles: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.
The Somaiya School believes in letting students live and learn in a world of information. Living up to this ideology the school’s infrastructure facilitates an extensive access to vivid resources of learning that enable students attain holistic education.
The Somaiya School has limited seats and considers a pool of applications before offering admission. The application form is available online which can be downloaded and printed to fill the details. All decisions taken by the management regarding admission will be final.
Beyond the cLASSROOM
The core aim of The Somaiya School is to foster all round development of a child. All round development essentially means intellectual, physical, moral, emotional and social development. The school’s Beyond the Classroom activities allow students to be creative when they otherwise would not have had the chance. To fulfil the objectives of holistic education for children, the school thrives to strike a balance between syllabus, curriculum, books and also co-curricular activities.
In addition to Education’s fundamental role in the development of children as well developed social citizens, participating in several co-curricular activities such as sports, events & celebrations, field trips, life skills etc. that appeal to students' interest, the school also allows them to expand their overall knowledge and creativity.
Somaiya Vidyavihar
the heritage.
Somaiya Vidyavihar was founded in 1959 by Padmabhushan (late) Shri K. J. Somaiya with the aim of creating great citizens of India.
News Updates & events.
Literary Fest
The much-awaited Literary Week was celebrated with gusto and enthusiasm at The Somaiya School.
Parent Testimonials
  • A wonderful amalgamation of contemporary teaching methodology, deep rooted values and holistic child development makes The Somaiya School the perfect choice for my son Atharva. Having spent 3 years already in this prestigious institution, I am certain, this fine Institution will bring out the very best in my little boy and instil in him the confidence to take on the world!
    Atharva Kumarswamy
    (Grade 1A)
  • Hearty Congratulations to Principal for your dedication at The Somaiya School. You have with your team and leadership qualities not only established a name for the School, which is recently founded but also imparted various skills and talents in your students to enable them to walk through all walks of life.
    Darpan Shah(Father)
    Grade 12 Science
  • 'The Somaiya school and the team demonstrates what education should be about - rigor, never giving up, making parents partners, continuous learning, focus on values, alignment on key messages, agility and adaptability. And it holds this true for all its stakeholders - children, teachers and parents.'
    Anay Gupta
    grade 2
  • At the helm we have a dynamic, parent friendly and approachable principal. The teaching faculty sees to it that not just the child’s academic growth is addressed but also their values and co-curricular skills. The pandemic has been very tumultuous but The Somaiya School again proved it is a notch above the rest.
    Purav Shah
  • "I am happy to note that since the last 6 years, my daughter has been studying in this institute, and I have noticed an all round improvement in her over the years, be it communication skills or academic understanding. I thank all the teachers and the members of this institute for giving care and attention in ensuring the development of the child."
    Darpan Shah(Mother)
    Grade 12 Science
  • Congratulations Principal for this achievement. Your leadership will indeed take TSS to newer heights
    Shahzeen Shahjahan
    Grade 12 Arts