10 reasons to join Somaiya
Multiple languages
Language opens the mind and stimulates creativity and imagination. The students of The Somaiya School have a head start with an exposure to three languages in the Pre-Primary and five languages (English, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, French) in the Primary. The School envisions nurturing dynamic Indian as well as global citizens.
Hands on learning
Learning without boundaries is always the focus of the School. Theoretical learning is augmented with experiential and practical learning. Students are encouraged to explore, probe, inquire and discover rather than ‘be taught’. The School provides multi-dimensional opportunities for children to adapt and be creative.
Focus on life skills
Holistic development of the child is the motto of the School. The skills needed to grow, adapt and adjust in this fast-paced, highly competitive environment are imparted to the students to lead them through a process of self-discovery. These skills enable them to identify their strengths, overcome weaknesses and become more self-reliant, confident individuals of the future. The child learns to be independent and builds his individuality in a heterogeneous group.
Teacher child ratio
Quality education is a key area of importance for the School. In order to facilitate and sustain quality teaching and learning, it is the policy of the School to limit the number of students to 22 in every kindergarten class and 30 in each primary class.
enabled learning
Learning happens in so many ways. In this modern, progressive world of today, learning is not just from time-tested methodologies using the black board and books. Technology today is a superb teaching-aid and a tool to enhance learning. Children are encouraged to use technology wisely to expand their learning frontiers.
child relationship
The teacher - child relationship here is a unique and healthy blend of respect, friendship, discipline and caring. The warm and affectionate bond that is forged with each individual child helps to build a strong rapport. This rapport facilitates a higher level of development and progress in the students.
Whole child
The School is not a centre only for academic excellence. This is the place where at each corner, our young buds metamorphose as painters, artists, singers, scientists, historians, gardeners, experts.......the sky being the limit. Here failure is not seen a limitation but a step to move forward. The School provides an environment where the young minds find a home for their thoughts and the ownership of learning is on the child.
Parent Partnership
The holistic development of the child is successful if there exists a healthy relationship between the School and the parents. The smile of happiness, satisfaction and confidence that is evident on every child’s face bears testimony to this healthy relationship. The School is indeed fortunate to have extremely supportive and co-operative parents who share the same philosophy and vision as that of the School.
Qualified teachers
The Somaiya School has a strong teaching fraternity that prides itself in the role as ‘facilitators’ and not mere ‘teachers’. This dynamic role and attitude helps them to customize the teaching approach to the needs of the student. They build the foundations of academic learning on values and hands on experience. The teachers are inspiring and highly educated who have on-going and regular opportunities to learn from each other.
Learning & growing community
of teachers and students
A School progresses and evolves in a dynamic growth environment. Learning at The Somaiya School is not limited only to the students, but extends to teachers too. In an ever changing environment, change is the only constant. Ongoing professional development keeps teachers up-to-date on new research on how children learn, emerging technology tools for the classroom, new curriculum resources and more.