Curriculum Overview
Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
— George Bernard Shaw
After a successful innings with all the other sections of Schooling, The Somaiya School decided to add another feather to its cap by starting the Senior Secondary Section in the Academic year 2019-20. We believe in imparting quality education at all levels.
At TSS the focus is not just academics but even extracurriculars, sports, dance, music and thereby all-round development. Not just facilities available in school but all the Somaiya Vidyavihar University campus facilities are also thrown open to our students. There are guest speakers and specific sessions, competitions that are also organised for students. We believe that academics can be applied beyond the classroom, so field trips, educational tours and visits are an integral part of our curriculum in addition to Sports Day and other celebrations. The Senior Secondary Section offers an interesting blend of subjects across all the three streams- Science, Commerce, and Humanities.
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Senior Secondary
We at TSS believe in creating a foundation so strong that the child can build a secure future on the same. And we ensure that our children are not passive recipients of the education system but active creators of the knowledge that they wish to acquire. Because the one who strives, achieves.
Senior Secondary subject options 2023-24
Parent's Quote
The sports meet, which we witnessed, was one of the most well managed events I have seen in a long time and considering I have been in this field for the last 22 years I have seen quite a few of them. From remote cameras with terradeck, JIB, awesome graphics, seamless switcher, it was very welcoming to see TSS using the latest tech. The coordination between the teachers to manage the children and planning how the first second and third marker which were put around the participants at the finish line reached back to the officials again for the next races showed that everything has been thought through quite extensively.

Having a great plan is good, but actually executing it is priceless. The entire event was very effectively managed by everyone involved. Please pass on my regards and congratulations to them as well.

Hats off to them!!

On another note,

The very next day Yatharth left for Kerala along with his friends, the most heated discussion for a few days amongst us before leaving, was the school insisting that the children should not carry mobiles. This generation has grown up with mobiles from seeing nursery rhymes as a toddler to playing PUBG nowadays. The 2 years Covid restriction and halting outdoor activity and sports has fueled this addiction for all kids. We were extremely delighted today when Yatharth told us over the phone that not allowing mobile phones was probably the best decision taken by the school as they are thoroughly enjoying each other's company and nature. He also spoke to new students and has befriended them. He mentioned about the locations and all the singing that they are enjoying together not to forget the food served too.

We are hoping this mobile dependency will go down in Yatharth and his friends, in times to come and hopefully a little of that new found zeal (world outside mobile) will rub on us too.

Thanks and Congratulations once again,
Rohit Dey & Kakul Dey
(Parents of Yatharth Dey)
Science students are free to make decisions as per their long-term goals and what aligns with their strengths. English, Physics and Chemistry are compulsory, the students are free to pick up other subjects from Mathematics, Biology, Computer Sciences, Economics, Psychology to name a few. They are even given the flexibility to choose a sixth subject of their liking that could be completely disconnected to their stream yet applicable in life.
With respect to the Curriculum for Commerce, the students have subjects like English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics that are compulsory. A lot of flexibility is given in the choice for the fifth and sixth subject selection, wherein a student is free to choose from the offered options so that it aligns with their long term academic and career goals.
Arts (Humanities)
When it comes to Humanities, the students have compulsory papers like English, Psychology, Economics and Political Science. They are free to choose the fifth and sixth subject options right from Mathematics, Applied Math to Sociology, History, Hindi, Entrepreneurship. In sixth subject again, they can choose any subject from Physical Education, Bharatanatyam, Hindustani Vocal to name a few.