Well-fed kids have better academic, behavioral and emotional functioning. To ensure that each student at Somaiya is eating right and getting the nutrients they need, our school cafeteria provides them a healthy lunch every day.

Our spacious cafeteria can accommodate around three hundred students at one time. It has three serving counters and tables long enough to seat eight to ten children. We have teachers and support staff to manage the students’ food habits. They not only encourage the students to eat healthy but also dissuade them from wasting food.

It has been observed that nutrition and cognitive development in kids go hand in hand. By serving wholesome food to our students on a daily basis, we aim to help them achieve optimum growth and learning. We make sure they are getting the right balance of nutrients required for supporting a healthy lifestyle.

In association with Genesis Catering, we serve fresh Jain or non-Jain food in our cafeteria. A variety of dishes are offered, keeping the tastes and preferences of kids in mind. During festivals, we add specific items to the menu. Our students relish the food served at our cafeteria which is evident by the speed at which it disappears off the counters.