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parent testimonials
  • I am very happy and satisfied with The Somaiya School. The school has provided ample resources and opportunities for all round development, with no pressure, but guidance, as when needed. A very important part of my child's pre-primary journey are the teachers- who are laying a very good foundation as well as nurturing my child. The open communication between parents and teachers, as well as their ideology to let each child find their space and time to bloom, are unique features of this school. My child has loved going to school, that tells me that The Somaiya school is providing a very loving and exciting environment for all children.

    Ishaan Masrani
    Jr KG B

    A wonderful amalgamation of contemporary teaching methodology, deep rooted values and holistic child development makes The Somaiya School the perfect choice for my son Atharva. Having spent 3 years already in this prestigious institution, I am certain, this fine Institution will bring out the very best in my little boy and instil in him the confidence to take on the world!

    Atharva Kumarswamy
    Grade 1A

    The journey so far with The Somaiya School for both my daughters Saanvi Rao (Grade 5A) and Shriya Rao (Grade 1A) has been extremely enriching. As a new parent the handholding and induction process was smoothly conducted by the team. The whole challenging online environment has been very creatively and constructively executed by teachers and the entire team of Somaiya. The team has gone the extra mile to make the learning experience meaningful and valuable for the students. Thank you to each one of you involved in the process.

    Saanvi & Shriya
    Grade 5 - Grade 1

    Hearty Congratulations to Principal Parveen Ma'am for your dedication at The Somaiya School. You have with your team and leadership qualities not only established a name for the School, which is recently founded but also imparted various skills and talents in your students to enable them to walk through all walks of life.

    Darpan Shah(Father)
    Grade 12 Science

    'The Somaiya school and the team demonstrates what education should be about - rigor, never giving up, making parents partners, continuous learning, focus on values, alignment on key messages, agility and adaptability. And it holds this true for all its stakeholders - children, teachers and parents.

    Anay Gupta
    Grade 2

    TSS is a school where children are encouraged to be inquisitive, allowed to spread their creative wings and have the freedom of expression, along with learning the responsibilities that come with each of these. Most importantly, children are groomed to be good humans with the right values and also become confident. TSS provides a safe, happy and ever enriching learning environment for my children and am very happy to be a part of the TSS Family. Thank you Team TSS!

    Rishi Mehta
    Grade 8

    At the helm we have a dynamic, parent friendly and approachable principal. The teaching faculty sees to it that not just the child’s academic growth is addressed but also their values and co-curricular skills. The pandemic has been very tumultuous but The Somaiya School again proved it is a notch above the rest.

    Purav Shah
    10 C

    I am happy to note that since the last 6 years, my daughter has been studying in this institute, and I have noticed an all round improvement in her over the years, be it communication skills or academic understanding. I thank all the teachers and the members of this institute for giving care and attention in ensuring the development of the child.

    Darpan Shah(Mother)
    Grade 12 Science

    The students and faculty of TSS is one big family. TSS cares for its students and focuses not just on academics but on overall personality development. Through its state of art facilities like library, fields for various sports, great infrastructure, TSS has marked its name for excellence. Academics, Yoga, music, sports, school festivals, competitions and events help students to become responsible global citizens. Forever in gratitude to this esteemed institution.

    Bhakti Baswan
    Grade 12 Science
  • We feel extremely lucky to have been asked to share our thoughts about our school. It is very rightly said that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. The teaching at Somaiya school created so many curiosities in Maadhav’s mind that he started to dream and satisfy his inquisitive thoughts. We are so grateful to have Maadhav learning in Somaiya school. He is very introvert in nature, but school has made a huge change in him in opening up and sharing his own mind with everyone. Somaiya school is truly a second home for Maadhav. This is possible only because of the love, care and support provided by everyone at the school especially the teachers...

    Maadhav Thakkar
    Sr. Kg A

    Being a student of Somaiya family myself, I consider my child to be a privileged one for being part of this institution. My son was amongst the youngest lot when he entered the pre-primary and I had certain apprehensions of him being able to cope with the syllabus. But the pedagogy that the school is known to offer has helped my child to not only cope with the syllabus but also has been a significant contributor to his overall personality. The 'Fun and learn' method that they follow makes child very interactive and participative. Their staunch belief in cultivating reading skills at a tender age, has really worked wonders as I see my child interrogating and thinking rationally. Last but not the least, I am rest assured that my child is in the right hands and I am grateful to the institution for all their efforts.

    Dhyay Parekh

    My daughters are in Grade 2 and Senior Kg and I have had the pleasure of watching them grow and develop in Somaiya. Apart from education, I have seen them acquire life skills, embed values and develop confidence and patience. I have seen teachers create a safe space for them to express their emotions; a happy space for them to express their creativity and take genuine interest in their well being. I have seen their love and connect with the teachers and the school. As a mother, I truly feel blessed to be a part of this institution.

    Anaya Manu
    Sr KG – B

    I would like to take this opportunity to genuinely appreciate the fantastic way in which both of you have been teaching our kids via the online classes. It's truly commendable to see your patience and tact while interacting with the kids. Your smiling faces and your willingness to hear out all the excited children is truly the mark of a loving teacher. The concepts too are well explained. The stories are well narrated and all the extracurricular activities are nicely executed. A big thumb up for your efforts. Indeed, it takes big hearts to shape little minds and both of you are doing it so well. Thank you so much!

    Demiraa Shah
    Sr Kg D

    Our experience with Somaiya School has been positive and enriching throughout. The faculty goes out of their way to make the learning experience enjoyable and practical for the children. Right from the foundation years of preschool, children are exposed to a multi-dimensional curriculum, that blends conventional learning with real world experiences. My child is developing into a confident and versatile individual with the support of the school.

    Kabir Rahul
    Senior KG C

    Let us begin with saying that it’s lovely to see such an all rounded growth in Anaayaa and what’s even better is that she’s always been happy to go to school and now looks forward to her classes too. The school seems to have an excellent blend of focus on academics, physical activity, creative learning and if we may say encouragement on learning how to learn. The teacher’s attention to detail, involvement with each child and the effort put to help the child where needed is very commendable. The entire ecosystem - be it the balance of rules to fun and play, the access to the massive physical Infrastructure, the grounded value system is a perfect blend. Thank you for all that you do.

    Anaayaa Amarnath
    Jr.KG “A”

    We are glad to acknowledge and appreciate the following.
    1. The tremendous methodical teaching efforts by teacher Rachana & teacher Megha which is hugely helping in grooming all the children
    2. Post learning sessions, teachers - parent interaction for the betterment and in the interest of child development
    3. Regular assignments / revision of the teaching offered by the teachers helps the children to systematically understand, memorize and remember the studies
    4. Vedant's liking to be the part of class.

    Vedant M. Kamdar
    Jr.KG “B”

    Somaiya School has always been an inspiration to children and parents. Nurturing the talent, focusing on growth and making learning stress free are the parameters school focuses on. Sanidhya enjoys all his activities and loves participation. In the Covid Pandemic teachers job is admirable and commendable, managing children on screen still the focus remains individual. We want to say a big "Thank You" to the school team.

    Sanidhya Dangi
    Jr.KG “C”

    We are very glad to be part of the Somaiya school parent. I really appreciate the efforts teachers are making for children to reach the knowledge. The break out room idea works very nice as each and every child gets time to speak up. But i feel as kids are very excited for school, and we need school for one hour as they get settling time also, and especially for extra-curricular activities just 10 minutes difficult for teachers to do and network issues also are there so kids become upset sometimes. Rest we are very happy with brilliant teachers. Thank u once again.

    Saesha Mehta
    JR KG - C
  • Hriyaan loves to go to school since day 1. He misses the school very much during this pandemic. Would really like to appreciate the efforts teachers are taking towards the kids. The methods of teaching are very good. Have seen lots of improvement in Hriyaan. What else a parents wants when they treat their Didi as a part of their team this shows the love and affection they get in class and values being taught to them. Proud to me associated with team Somaiya.

    Hriyaan Mehta
    Jr.KG “D”

    The feedback for the online sessions is very good and positive. The sessions are very well planned, particularly liked the concept of breakout room which enables the teacher to focus on a particular set of students individually. The duration is also apt-30 mins. The way of teaching is also commendable Inspite of teaching online, teachers have been able to develop their connect with the kids and my kid really looks forward to the sessions everyday Just one suggestion: We could look at increasing use of clay, craft and more stories for explaining concepts better Also, more links can be shared across with parents weekly for stories, rhymes and any concepts to be explained to the kids Overall, it has been a very good experience, keep up the great work Team Somaiya

    Aarna Gosar
    JR KG - C

    You have been doing a great and Noble Service to the Nation, educating our Children and helping in Building a Strong India... We all Parents are really proud of you... You are making The Somaiya School as one of the truly excellent educational institution... You and your Teachers are doing fantastic, not.only educating our Children, but inculcating good discipline, values, and making the Children into an all round personalities, thereby preparing them for the Future.... A big Salute to you

    Grade 12 Science

    Congratulations Parveen madam for this achievement. Your leadership will indeed take TSS to newer heights

    Shahzeen Shahjahan
    Grade 12 Arts