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parent testimonials
  • Freya loves coming to school every single day. Her zeal to perform and make her school proud, speaks for the environment that her school is providing. I thank all the teachers and the staff for the efforts they make for her.

    Freya Halgekar
    7th C

    Sara is enjoying studies and extracurricular activities at the school. I feel it’s good to have both as it gives them overall development.

    Sara Asher
    9th B

    Neil is showing improvement day by day. He has shown interest in school now, it’s a great achievement. He requires sometime to accept something, but his spread of perception is increased. We are thankful for the efforts taken by the teacher.

    - Neil Nade
    3rd A

    Diyansh is very happy to come to school since day 1. He loves both the teachers. Thank you very much for putting so much efforts in knowing each child so well.

    - Diyansh Mehta
    Sr KG A

    Excellent communication on my child’s progress. Aditi is very fond of her studies and it helps us as parents when we know the knowledge gap. A big thank you for the feedback and support.

    - Aditi Nair
    4th A

    My child is very happy in school. She has learnt so man good things. I thanks her class teachers and didis and staff that are involved in up growth of child’s development.

    - Harinee Shah
    Nur A

    Kudos to all the teachers and school for making learning a fun process, despite the change in curriculum. The focus on soft skills development is applaud able.

    - Aarohi Shah
    3rd A

    Lot of inputs given by the teacher which is very helpful to make the child do all their homework. I was very impressed that the feedback given by the teacher in detail.

    - Adwaitaa Shetty
    Jr KG C

    Very good and sweet teacher’s, they are the one whom any child can love and listen. Very positive feedback given about my child. Feeling good and all my stress has been reduced about my child. Keep it up teachers and Parveen ma’am happy to be part of team.

    - Priyan Pawar
    Jr KG C
  • Truly appreciate all the efforts and support the teachers give to the children in making or shaping their overall personality. We could see lots of improvement on our son's progress. Thanks and proud to be part of the Somaiya school.


    We liked the involvement of teachers in teaching and explaining to students and parents. Especially there is focus on understanding concepts and application. Thank you very much everyone.


    I am really happy about the teaching pattern in the school. Seeing the papers helped me to know where my child needs improvement and also want the school to show us the papers of final and formatives too.


    Overall an excellent school. Efforts for developing the children are taken. Dedications of teachers are highly appreciated. Communication channels are very good. We appreciate the strategy adopted by school in each and every activity they do. Please think of reducing the load of carrying books and notebooks for children.

    - M.SMRITA

    We are happy with the school as the studies are good and teachers are very good. My son is enjoying here. We are impressed with the subject 'life skills' which is outstanding and gives us an insight of our ward's thoughts and feelings. Keep it up.


    A sincere thanks for all efforts put in by all the teachers towards Aryan's progress. I have seen my son develop into a happy and confident boy ever since he has come here. He has developed a sense of responsibility and desire to excel which is what I have always wanted for him.


    Love the environment and opportunity given to her for her overall development. Sincerely appreciate the efforts of all the teachers. Our class teacher is superb, very dedicated and focused. Guides the kids in a positive way. Thank you.


    "Kudos" to the teachers, supervisor, principal and all the staff members for the excellent effort, minute details, rich environment and encouraging feedback. Rashi is extremely happy and we are proud of our decision of choosing this school for her.


    We got a detailed feedback from the teachers for my child and were very glad to hear the minutest details / observation which will be worked at our end.

    (SR KG C)
  • Really appreciate teacher's hard work.. Tremendous progress in my child. Thank you.

    (SR KG C)

    Amazing positivity from the teachers keeping Samvit and us very happy. Thank you for all the motivation in correct measures when needed. Pushing him when needed and slowing him when needed. Thank you for all your efforts..

    (SR KG A)

    Krisha loves her class. She doesn't like missing school, from that we know the efforts all of you put in to keep them interested. Thank you for all your hard work.

    (SR KG B)

    Thanks teachers we are very much impressed with the overall growth of Raashi. She is happy to come to school. Thanks.

    (JR KG C)

    Very good job done by the school and teachers. So much knowledge given at this age and at so much fun way that kids get attracted to the knowledge given and register in their minds as well. Very happy with the teachers. Thank you so much. Proud to be associated with The Somaiya School.

    (SR KG A)