Information Technology Computer Centre
at The Somaiya School
We have a state-of-the-art computer centre where students are prepared to meet the demands of a tech-savvy world. Technology puts the fun back in learning. If learning is enjoyable, students are more likely to succeed academically. By integrating technology in our traditional value-based education system, we aim to provide a stimulating learning environment to our students.
Down Arrow
the Computer Labs
Our Computer Lab covers every aspect of computer education. It is a well-equipped hub of e-learning where students can explore and evolve. We have two full-time dedicated labs having 30 computers for Primary and 30 laptops for Secondary and Middle School students.
We provide one computer per student to ensure effective practical learning. From completing their assignments independently to surfing the internet and checking emails, we offer them unlimited yet guided access to software and computers.
Student Coursework
Our Computer Masti curriculum consists of new and fun based projects to teaching period. This fun based teaching methodology exposes our students to new ways of logical and creating thinking. Technology integration in curriculum has become an important strategy for 21st century classrooms.
Each student is assigned their own personal email ID at the time of enrollment. This ID provides them a preview of all activities taking place inside the campus. Even teachers make use of our Computer Lab to research on current topics and course-related material. They use the facility to plan lessons to make teaching more effective for our students.
Benefits to Teachers
The facility of computer labs is not only limited to students but its benefits have also been extended to teachers. The teachers can utilize it for various purposes such as research on current topics, surfing over various topics, planning lessons for making their teaching more effective.
Student email Accounts
Every Somaiya student is entitled to a free email account on Google. Each student is assigned their own personal email id on enrollment. This gives them a sneak preview of the plethora of activities that are convened by the Somaiya Vidyavihar campus.