The core aim of education is to foster all round development of a child. All round development essentially means intellectual, physical, moral, emotional and social development.

Education plays a fundamental role in the making of a man and his development as a culturally well-developed social animal. To fulfil these objectives, there is a prime need of striking a balance between syllabus, curriculum, books and also co-curricular activities.

School activities allow students to be creative when they otherwise would not have had the chance. Additionally, participating in activities such as drama and chorus that appeal to students' interest also allows them to expand their knowledge and be creative.

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Different activities that the School has encouraged
World doctor's day: where an in-house doctor parent is invited to give a talk about hygiene and cleanliness. Children also share their personal experiences.
Monsoon walk: These days children stay in concrete jungles and to bring them close to the nature, a monsoon walk in the campus is organized. It is a fun-filled experience for children as they use magnifying glasses to look around and spot various creepies and crawlies, the friends of the monsoon.
Hindi & Sanskrit Diwas: They serve to inculcate a love and passion for the language and its rich cultural heritage and values. On this day different dramas with the help of students, parents and teachers are presented to spread various social messages. Different games like dominos, matching letter with pictures, guess the names etc. are conducted.
Father's day: Fathers too play a key role in the development of a child. To make this bond stronger, Father's day is organized for the children of Jr. KG. Teams of father and child have a great fun filled day by playing games, take-aways and other performances.
Grand Parents day: Grand parents are important members of our family. But now a days, a nuclear family tradition is growing and developing attachment with grandparents is getting more difficult. To develop this attachment and bond, grand parents' day is celebrated with the grand parents of Sr. KG children. It was great fun to see grandparents encouraging their grand children with full enthusiasm.
Other activities encouraged by the School are Peace march, Gardener's day, Farmer’s day, Restaurant day, Food culture party, Elephant day, visit of a cow, pet animals, horse riding etc.
World Environment day: The environment is an integral part of us and vice- versa. To drive home this point, the school begins the academic year with the celebration of this day and instills a sense of responsibility and respect for the environment.
Festival celebrations: In this cosmopolitan society, we need to inculcate values and a healthy respect for all religions and cultures. To be able to do this, the School encourages all festival celebrations such as Diwali, Navratri, Raksha Bandhan, Eid, Christmas.
The mythology behind these festivals, the manner and tradition of celebrations is put forth in a colourful and lucid manner so that the tiny tots as well as the older kids appreciate and imbibe the spirit of tolerance and respect.

A school is an institution. And like all other institutions in the world, it also needs to assemble and meet every day to carry out all of its functions. For the performance of the whole school as a single institute, all the classes in the school must get together at some point. And morning assemblies are very good conventional gatherings to fulfil this purpose.

The children get an opportunity to feel that the school is an organized group and they develop a sort of community spirit that is not possible if the classes remain isolated from each other and do not meet collectively.

Assemblies foster a sense of community and a positive ethos. During the various sessions, values are passed on to students. They learn, among other things, cooperation, honesty, respect for self and others, diligence, perseverance, punctuality, the importance of excellence in all school activities, respect for rules and are given moral and spiritual guidance for everyday life as well as an awareness of pressing social issues.

Apart from festival celebrations, the School lays emphasis on different topics that such as - Good touch & Bad touch, Golden rules, History comes alive, Environment day, documentary presentations, Teacher's day, miming, student council elections, investiture ceremony, World Ozone day, World AIDS day, felicitations for various achievements etc. Activities

Different activities that the School has encouraged are as follows