Nurse and Sick Bay
An inquisitive and curious mind resides in a healthy body.
At Somaiya, we offer expert care to students who are unwell or suffer minor injuries inside the campus. We have well-equipped ‘sick bays’ where the students get necessary treatment by an experienced and qualified health staff.
Our aim is to create a healthy environment for each student and help them learn skills in self-care and self-help. Besides responding to the first-aid needs and ministering care, our health staff is also responsible for creating more awareness about health and illness, helping students learn how to be responsible towards their health.
To deal with ailments and first-aid needs, we keep our sick bays stocked with necessary equipments and medicines. Parents are contacted only in case of serious injuries or medical issues that require a doctor or hospital visit. Our sick bays have two bunk beds for female students and two beds for male students. Each unit has curtain closures, offering privacy to the unwell students.
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