Life Skills
The Sparkle of TSS Environment

Life Skills are the psychosocial abilities that enable us to translate knowledge, attitude, and values into good behaviour. They prepare children and young adults to become competent and caring individuals, who are able to understand, manage and express the social and emotional aspects of their life. The Somaiya School’s Life Skills Curriculum equips it’s students with four basic skills for life-What to do, Why to do, How to do, When to do. In fact, at TSS we believe that everyone who needs to live a meaningful life needs Life Skills to do so.

The Life Skills imparted at TSS are - Self Awareness, coping with stress, creative and critical thinking, managing emotions, empathy (for self), along with decision making, problem solving, effective communication and interpersonal relations (for growth). These skills are not taught, but imparted in a facilitative, experimental and interactive method. The spirit of this subject extends beyond the classroom walls and it is made more exciting through brainstorming, class discussions, explorations, managing projects and planning full school campaigns. Assessments are done as an integral part of the day to day learning. Life Skills is an important co-curricular subject in the CBSE curriculum and is evaluated at TSS as part of the CCE as per the guidelines set by the board.

The Life Skills Curriculum at The Somaiya School is designed in such a way that as it progresses, every student will exhibit an enhanced self- esteem, self -confidence, assertiveness, social sensibility, effective communication, ability to establish better relations and set goals and become responsible citizens of the world.

The TSS Life Skills Curriculum is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to discover the beautiful world in us!