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Student Testimonials
Maahi Khalap
My favorite places in school are my classroom and library because it brings alive my dream of studying and reading. It’s unique! There is no better place to curl in and enjoy an interesting book.
Aarohi and Aaditi
We like our classroom in school because we keep our classroom clean and our teachers love
Ainesh Shenava
The students of my school are very enthusiastic and helpful. They help all the people in need. Sometimes they are naughty but they are very kind hearted. This makes the students of TSS the best.
Shruti Chavan
The environment of our school is very motivating. The teachers are the best, who support and encourage us. The environment of our school is always enthusiastic and our school heads usually try new things and ideas through which our students also get new thoughts and get inspired to try different things. The teachers show us the right way so that we don’t make any mistakes.
Myiesha Mehta
The best thing about our school is teachers ,classrooms ,basketball court ,music room and library. I love my school and teachers.
After many years ,I will always remember my school for that it made me intelligent.
My family loves my school too because it’s got good activities, events, balanced homework, festivals and we have fun.
Aditya Guhagarkar
I will never change my school because no other school is soo spacious like my school. Also no other school has teachers as good as my school.
Kunal Verma
I think my school is good in facilities and also good in education. That is why I love coming to
Naina Saini
My teachers set a good example for me. They are very sweet, loving, caring, motivating, encouraging, friendly , my second parents.
Alisha Mall
I am proud to be a student of TSS because there are functions and games in all subjects . There are great teachers that teach brilliant things.