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Student Testimonials
Kabiir Jain
The teachers and other staff of My school are very kind and nice to me. They provide me good knowledge and I Have lots of fun there. And Somaiya is the best school ever.
Zenisha Rupani
Grade 2C
The school has been my strongest backbone of my passion of learning. The teachers know me as an individual and push me to a level needed to achieve excellence. I get exposed to varied activities throughout the year, but through the whole process of grooming, they truly let me be me.
Harsh Shah
Grade 3B
The Somaiya School balances education with sports and other extracurricular activities, which makes learning fun. The ways in which teachers teach concepts are very interesting and easy to understand. I am proud to be the student of TSS.
Aradhana Phadke Sardesai
My school is a colourful place. We have cool events like Literary Week and parties to celebrate festivals. I love the library; it feels like home! I love to loll on the cozy bed and read and hang out in the small seating area and work on projects. My friends and I enjoy sitting in the cafeteria sharing lunch. I appreciate how there are a lot of assemblies discussing bullies and how we should tell our teachers if we feel bullied. School is fun.
Ramya Sridharan
Grade 12 Science
SS was quite a nice and decent experience academically. I expected more of co-curricular activities mainly only sports. I personally feel that girls’ team sports was not given importance at all and even individual sports for that matter. The trips international and field trips were fun and I enjoyed a lot.
Grade 12 – Arts
My experience at TSS has been great. Very good infrastructure and lot of focus on co-curricular activities and all-round development.
Grade 12 – Arts
The Somaiya School is a really great school for learning new things and personality development. The teachers are highly professional and put in a lot of effort, so that we are able to understand tricky concepts well. The school holds a number of extra-curricular activities, which helps develop a number of skills that will come handy in the future.
Anurag Sawant
Grade 12 Science
Hearty Congratulations to Principal Parveen for your great work at The Somaiya school ! We are truly proud of you ..you have been instrumental in taking the school to new heights !!
Darpan Shah
Grade 12 Science
The Somaiya School has provided me with an exceptional amount of love, care and support in bringing out the best in me. It has not only strengthened me academically, but also ensured my all round, holistic development and alertness. I am grateful to have wonderful, and helpful teachers, who guide us in every way possible. I am thankful to the entire institute for their help and proactive support in helping me develop and grow.
Arjun Shivaramakrishnan
Grade 10
The Somaiya School provides an array of opportunities for every student to discover his/her passion and nurture it. It is a school dedicated to the all-round development of an individual and makes students more holistic and pragmatic in their approach. The wealth of facilities available only encourages us to push further in achieving our goals and also motivates us to discover new passions and hobbies along the way. The positive atmosphere not only in the school but in the entire campus provides the perfect environment to focus on academics and other extra-curricular activities. TSS as an institute is the ideal place to learn and experience new things in the best manner possible.
Jia Wadhwa
Grade 10
The Somaiya School has always given me an opportunity to express myself in every way possible. With a plethora of extra-curricular, that are just enough to let us maintain a balance with our academics. I've been extremely happy to have such a positive and motivating atmosphere to learn and grow in. Classrooms aren't mundane in any way in the sense that the teachers are always finding new and eccentric ways to help us broaden our horizons. Moreover, everyone in the school- the teachers, faculty and staff are always lending us a helping hand when we feel directionless. By having such strong guiding forces with me in a healthy environment has truly helped me achieve everything I have.
Shaan Vora
The best thing I like is dancing, spooky dance and picnic. Also I like The library, Because I love reading. I like painting in the resource room, activity in the resource room. I Like the fish and tortoise come in the resource room. I also like the food in the class, school snacks. I miss the slide, garden area.
Anvi Goradia
I like Monsoon walk, resource room to play and with friends Mud puddle day. I go there and do activities in the resource room. I miss Monsoon walk, mud poodle day.
Reha Auragabadwalla
We get to play with so many things. We have so many art activities in the Rescource room. There are So many story books in the Class and in the library. We get to meet our Friends & Teachers. The food of the school is very yummy i like Lemon rice. I miss the Recourse room and all the printing activities and art we do in school. Garden area because i love to play on swings and slides with my friends. I loved sports day and yoga display is my favorite. I also like to do fun runs on the sports ground.
Ayaan Pandya
I Like the Circle time. We sing so many rhymes in the school and also we have dance and play time in the school. We get time to play with our friends and we also meet our Nursery teachers in the corridor. I miss my friends and teachers and also i miss the painting in resource room and i also miss my school bus. Corridor play area as i loved to ride cycles, bikes , Jump on Trampoline. I love the celebrations where all the children come dressed up in new clothes like in Independence day we were flag colour clothes.
Dhrish Chheda
There are so many items that you show us like a snail and slug you showed and teach us so that we learn. The garden area to play swings , slides, reading of story books like mixed up chameleon and the lazy sloth. All the things that god has given to us are nice at school. I am having very much fun I miss playing with friends and colouring. The best event was restaurant day when we served food to other class children and they feed us food too .
Riaan Rachh
We were doing colouring and worksheet.
We were colouring Hippo.
I went school by bus.
I love my classroom
I love yoga
I loved bread butter my breakfast
I liked my fire truck game in school.
Paarvi Shah
My favourite thing was reading (the reading corner). The school was helping me. I was feeling good. I like to come in the school. I like to colour. Resource room I like. I love khichdi from school.
Amaira Kothari
I like library, inside the library there is cold and so many story books. I also like Resource Room because so many toys are there and I like to play with my friends.
Tashi Patel
I like to go in the playground and play in the slide. I like auditorium, we dance there. I like Birthday celebration in school.
Evan Shah
I like to go to school to have fun. I like to learn new things and get knowledge. I love stories.
Anairaa Agarwal
I like to do gymnastic, yoga and exercise in the school. I like to do worksheet many many worksheet.
Hriday Gesota
I like to make towers in the resource room, I like all school snacks. Navratri was my favourite festival. Jr KG every day is a fun day.
Yeshana Kaku
I like Splash Puddle Day in nursery. I like the auditorium. I like to play memory games.
Tamara Khanna
Grade 4C
The highlight of my school is that learning is fun and visual; not restricted to only text and books. My teachers are friendly, accessible and encouraging. There are opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities. Several mini fests are spread throughout the year making the school year enjoyable and not about academics alone. There is no punishment only self-reflection on inappropriate behaviour. I love my school for providing me an atmosphere which is free of fear and bullying, with a room to express myself and constantly encourages me to strive for excellence.
Krisha Doshi
Grade 12 – Arts
My experience with TSS has been amazing to be honest i think this is one of my best decision because TSS is not only a College but a medium through which you can build up your confidence particularly for me i was the person who wouldn't talk much and not take part in any event but all the Teachers of TSS are amazing they help you build your confidence and take part in every event it's because of them that i got to know what hidden talent i have. For me TSS has not only been helpful in building up my confidence but also my academic performance. They have a special educator which help you in how to study, when to study and how much to study it has really helped me,it has help me build my performance .so for me TSS has just helped me bring out all the qualities which were actually hidden in me, i feel like choosing TSS was one of my best decision.
Aishi Ray Chaudhury
Grade 12 – Arts
I'm Aishi Ray Chaudhury currently studying in class 12 humanities section would like to express my gratitude towards TSS. My experience with TSS wilI always be a memorable one. I was new to this environment but after few days of schooling I grew very close to the teachers and my peers. It has given me an opportunity to showcase my talents through participating in different activities which increased my confidence and the teachers of TSS are so supportive and the interaction with them was so good and the way they taught us was so mesmerizing. The best part of TSS is that it gives everyone an opportunity to come up and show what they are. I'm really grateful to be a part of this school and would like to thank all my teachers for being so supportive and always trying hard so that we can score well in exams. Overall it was a wonderful experience with TSS!